“It’s like if we’re dancing”


Maude Roy

Every year, two concerts are organized at Guy-Bédard room by La Camaradière’s  students but how are they made? 

The tradition of the concert started  in the beginning of our school, 35 years ago with the creation of the stage band.the stage band started when Mr Pierre Coté  introduced the option.Jean picard, an ex teacher of the school and Jean Robitaille took over the option so now it’s still going now. 8 years later it’s the creation of the   symphonic music concentration.

Even if the teachers are pationate, preparing such as show it’s time consuming. It’s an average of 20 hours of preparation per teacher. They started to do concert  ‘’For the pleasure of the music”said miss Jeanne Marmet teacher in symphonic’s concentration. It’s also an occasion for the students to show their work and became a school tradition

The selection of the musical pieces  is really important. Together, the students and the teachers take a lot of time to chose songs.The teachers even create special pieces for the senior harmony and the smaller groups.The Domaine Forget is the most helpful part of the preparation for the students.  It is during the month of November for the students in secondary 3,4,5 in music concentration, and April for the students in secondary 1,2.For the students, it’s a very good way to improve the dynamic of the group. It’s also an occasion for them to work on their instruments with specialists. This two long days are equivalent  of three to four weeks of work in class.

The music teachers are Mr Jean Robitaille,Mr Jean-Pierre Mailloux,Mrs Julie tremblay and Mrs Jeanne Marmet.

During their five years, every students will play with other groups of different age. “When I play with the secondary 4 and 5, I can learn something from them and when I play with the English concentration I think we can all learn something.”said Ophélie Girard a secondary 3 student . The stage band’s students say that their pieces are more funky than the pieces of the symphonic’s students. “The more  I do concert, the more I play and the more it helps me for my future’’said Ophélie. The students like her can practice as much as 4 hours a week.

We have seen that the concerts are an event which needs a lot of preparation and it’s a tradition loved by the teachers and the students.

Written by : Maude roy
Edited by:Andréanne Rousseau,Allison Paquet