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Camaradiant school’s Cafeteria’ s Food quality influenced


The Camaradiere high school had a chief before .Over the years ,the high school has trusted different companies to increase good services to the students.Changes have been implemented.


What we know is that the menu changes every year.All the decisions  are controlled by the Mother-House.

The employees don’t get that much choice rather than to conform themselves to the order they receive.

“ I don’t have a problem with it”, said an employee.


The cafeteria got five weeks of daily food schedules established and passed down to them.

“I have been a client for five years and I felt that something is missing in the meals ”, said a teacher.


One of these company is called Sysco. It delivers food products like custom-cut meats,gourmet imports and food equipments to either restaurant or healthcare and educational establishment. Around 90 countries use Its services.


NrJ zone is also collaborating with us.This program reflect young people daily routine and inspire itself by their choices ,their taste and their nutritional need.It is developed by experts.His market is based on student’s flavor.


written by : Perrine Yode Nemadjilembaye Dorite

co-signed by : Alexandra Demers

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