Many K-Idols Come Forward and Reveal the Dark Side of Kpop.


Mrs. Truth

Many Kpop  idols Talk about their Sexual Assault

    Kpop is taking an important role in the entertainment industry, Whether it’s K-drama, K-pop, food, style or sports. Nobody can deny the fact that Kpop has recently gained a lot of popularity. Furthermore, their fan base is very loyal and will do anything to support and help their idols.

    K-pop seems to be a perfect world for fans and their idols while it’s not really the case. Since 2013, a lot of artists have come forward and talked about how they were treated by their company and their staff.

    Being an idol is quite hard due to the fact that most of them start being trainees while they’re quite young (3-20 years old are trainees), so they are naive, weak and most of the time don’t have a family member near them. They use this weakness to make them do whatever they want.

    What’s more surprising is the fact that some High ranking people are involved in this. For the executives, the process is quite simple, they ask the idols they want(For their pleasure) and in exchange give money or privilege.

    After Addiction Entertainment suddenly announced Yellow Bee’s disband, member Ari came forward and exposed the staff who was involved in the sexual talk and assault. Yellow Bee’s is a female Kpop group that wasn’t that much popular, so it was easy for their company to do whatever they want. At first, the agency explained that the dismissal was because of the bad behaviour of one member, while it was apparently not the truth. Ari revealed that one of her members was dragged into the practice room and molested. After Ari’s statement, the company denied everything and discredited the poor member.

    The Sopa case is one of the most mediatized cases that happened in South Korea, one of the reasons is the fact that minors were involved in this case. Some High ranking people in Korean society were also part of it.

    Many would ask, “Why is this so important?” well the answer is simple. Many big idols went to the same institution: Jungkook of BTS, Sin B of Gfriend, Joy of Redvelvet and more. Sopa is a school for people interested in the entertainment industry and one of the most prestigious schools in South Korea. According to testimonies students would be taken to random places like a club or bar and would be asked to perform and much more… The students didn’t have a choice and would be forced to keep silent about this.

    According to the Korean media, the Principal and his wife were the ones who profited from this racket. Many students said that they were touched inappropriately and were asked to do sexual favours.