Top 3 of the most beautiful mountain for snowboarding in the world

Matis Boudreau

Snowboarding is a popular sport in the world so I will introduce you to the top 3 of the beautiful place for snowboarding

Lake Louise (Temple Mount)

For snowboard enthusiasts, Lake Louise is a very beautiful place, with beautiful views and fairly powdery snow that allows the more expert to have fun first. Of course, for beginners, private lessons are given.

Weather: With fairly cold and constant temperatures, Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful destinations for snowboarding and skiing. In addition, powder on the north side of Lake Louise can accumulate over several days or weeks, due to light snowfall. So there is limited access to the mechanical mechanics, so it’s very easy for skiers and snowboarders.

Elevation of the Mount Temple: (11,627 ft)

Mount Whistler Jasper (British Columbia)

Rating: Whistler is a powder mountain with long decants and a lot of people have had great experiences going there. A lot of people like this place for the size and number of trails there are. With more than 37 mechanical elevators! With over 200 trails.

Info: Over two million people visit Whistler each year, primarily for downhill skiing and snowboarding. As the temperature is very low the snow is sticky so for beginners it can be a bit more difficult. Whistler Mountain is a competition site for the 2010 Olympics.

Altitude: 7156 Ft

Prominence: 1545 Ft

Mountain Range: Fitzsimmons Range

 Japanese Alps

Honshu Isle, Japan Perhaps the most consistent powder on Earth 10,476 ′

Mount Kita = highest altitude

Average annual snowfall (probably around 600cm)

Quality ski resorts: Happo-One, Myoko Kogen, Nozawa Onsen

Geographically: In central Japan, the Japanese Alps are located and consist of three mountain ranges. Discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Japanese Alps through the best hiking trails that cross them. Twenty mountains police over 3000 meters high, forming numerous routes for skiing, a real paradise for snowboarders.

Snow: Also, the snow is as dry as in Utah, with snow with about 8% water and 92%. If you want dry skier snow or snow, you have to go over 1000km from Tokyo