The Life of an Influencer


The influencer seeks to create links between them and the subscriber on social media to have a positive impact on them or to get them to buy their product but sometimes it doesn’t work and turns against them.


Before I talk about influencers you need to know what their job is and who they are. Influencers are people who are paid to get their public to buy their product that exhibits on the internet or has a positive aspect on people. They are there to change the perspective of the other person who follows them. It can be on any social network Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.


They have several categories of influencers, Famous people, Web superstars, Specialized influencers, Micro-influencers… No matter the category, they all have the same goal is to create a kind of trust between Internet users and them. If a person agrees with the point of view of an influencer, if he recognizes himself in him, if he feels close to him, if he discovers many points in common with him, then he will trust him. Their followers are therefore part of his circle of trust. It is because of this confidence that the influence tells them to buy this or that product and the subscribers believe it. This phenomenon is called the “Best Friend Effect”.


There is another category, the fake influencers. It turns out that it is very difficult to become an influencer and being respected. So many people are trying to outsmart the system. Some influencers have several subscribers but they are not the real ones. Today it is very easy to buy followers, likes, and comments. It is by buying subscribers or something else that they become fake influencers.


Many people believe that influencers have a good life because they are popular, pay quite a bit, and other privileges, but most of the time they are victims of intimidation. About their looks or in relation to their family or love affair or how they are dressed. At the length, it can destroy the influencer or their family.