BIG Profit

Guillaume cardinal


     Spending one hour per day on trade can make more money than a 9 to 5 job and I will show you  how to do       it.


     First thing first when you buy action of a compagnie at 10$ and you sell it 2 days later at 15$ you made 5$         (50%) of profit .That is call a trade and you trade actions.


     You can win money very fast but you can also lose a lot  of money.You need to predict the futur . 


     Trends are one of the multiple ways to predict the futur. In 2005 people were wearing the sandals Crocs . 


     In 2006 it appear in the trade universe at 25$ It went from 25$ to 150$ .’’inside 2 years, you can multiply         by 6 or 7 your investment” said Gerry in d’Endetté À Millionaire


     Back in 2013 , Skecher made a new pair of shoes . Med keflezighi a guy who did the marathon of Boston             was running with them in the feet.


     Skecher got known more and more. ‘’ I did a gain of 80 % with this trade “ also said Gerry.


     The next big big trend now is the weed.


     United Stats wants to legalize the weed .’’They are voting for the legalization of the marijuana in United             Stats.If it pass it will grow of hundreds of pourcent “ said fourtoeight on is social media







      I am not responsible for money lost or money win .You do what you want with your money and I am not        responsible for it.