Microsoft now in competition with Apple and google

     On October the 27th, Microsoft Has launched a new credible competitor for Apple(MacBook air) and          Google(Chromebook), the new Surface laptop Go. Are you students who need a computer not as expensive, useful, with the good sound quality? Here why you should buy it?

      We are asking for an expert to give his opinions on the advantages of this laptop.

      ‘’It is nice to know that Microsoft didn’t disappoint us this time. The Surface laptop has really good advantages. At the first sight, it is very small which means that the laptop is lightweight (1,110 g and a thickness of 15,69 mm). The computer instantly turns on by itself when you open it which is actually nice you don’t even need to click any button to turn it on.’’ Said a laptop expert.


     It costs only 760 dollars. So it’s cheaper than the Macbook pro For the start-up, it takes only 10 second ten seconds to open and we are on a windows 10. The model is equipped with a 12,4 inches pixel sense touchscreen which allows you to be more comfortable when you work with several windows Intel Quad-Core i5-1035G1 Processor, USB port a and c, and port surface connection for 80 percent of autonomy for 1 hour and up to 13 hours of battery life, an HD camera(120p), a trackpad for your sensitive skin, possessed with 64or12 and 256 go SSD.The back corner of the Surface Laptop Go seen from the left side.

    It seems very useful when you have to study online. Wherever you are for your online meeting, in a very noisy place example, you still have a good listening of what the teacher is saying. I Just mean that the sound level is really good.


     In conclusion, The Surface laptop has real advantages and really useful if you are a student or whatever. As you just saw, these kinds of computers, it’s primary made for students but it can be used to play your favorite video games like Minecraft, Sea of thieves or even Fortnite. That’s a big difference between the Chromebook and the MacBook pro.


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