Vaccine found against covid-19


Mathilde Goudreault, Management

     Pfizer, a company which was founded in 1849, made a partnership with BioNTech to create a vaccine against covid-19, who was called BNT162b2. 

     Pfizer is known as an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, who is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. In 2018, it was ranked in the biggest list of Fortune for the largest corporation by total revenue in the United States.  

     Since the first quarantine, specialists started working on a possible vaccine or medicine. 

     Before going out, the vaccine had to go through 3 phases: safety trials, where they give doses to a small group of people, expanded trials, where they give them to hundreds of people and efficacy trials, where thousands of people try it.  

     It will be given two times. 21 days after the first one, they will give the second to make sure that your antibody will protect you against the proteine and the antigen that could cause a disease. It would take two doses to get the maximum of protection you need.

     Their vaccines are effective at 95%, but for adults over 65 years old, they are effective at 94%. They think they can produce over 50 millions doses in 2020 and 1.3 billion in 2021. 

     Unfortunately, the first version of this vaccine needs to be frozen at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit and some of the top hospitals don’t have any storage for those. 

     There are not many side effects. Only a small percentage experience headaches and body aches. It is similar to what people may have after a flu shot but it is showing that the vaccine works for real and creates immune defense.  After the second dose, people sometimes get fatigue, muscle or joint aches, infection site pain and headache. 

     Next year, they will make a powder form that we could refrigerate instead of freezing. So this will solve the storage’s problems that a lot of hospitals have. This one will be effective at 90%, 5% less than the real vaccine.