Once Again Tiger Woods is Making The Headlines

Alex-Antoine Hébert

Woods’ accident, on a dangerous road, Tuesday morning


     Tiger Woods, 45 years old, had an accident on February, 23, 2021. At 7:12 in the morning, he was driving near the border of rolling Hills Estates  and Rancho Palos Verdes when it happened. This place is very well known for many accidents, unfortunately this road adds one more to his long list. his legs got badly injured during his accident. The pro golfer suffered serious injuries, with an open fracture to his right leg, he will not play golf for a long time. 


     According to his team, Woods is currently awake at the hospital after completing a long surgical procedure on Tuesday night. His general health is very bad but the doctors do not fear for his life.


     As you probably know this is not the first time Tiger Woods has made the headlines for similar causes. In 2017, he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol in Florida, after being found passed out in his car. He subsequently pleaded guilty to reckless driving. The arrest had received much comment at the time