Habits Leading To Heart Diseases

Those are top 5 habits or things bad for your heart. 

Those are top 5 habits or things bad for your heart. 


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  1. Unhealthy food choices 


     Good nutrition can decrease your risk of having heart disease. You should eat fruits and vegetables      because these are the keys for a great and a healthy body.

     Fast foods are really good but don’t abuse it. You also need to eat your breakfast.

  1. Snoring 

     Many people can’t avoid it. Snoring damages your breathing. It increases blood pressure which can cause heart failure, heart attacks or sudden death. Unfortunately, a lot of treatments can’t heal this case. 

     Some medicines are available in pharmacies.

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  1. Sitting for a long period of time (Even if you workout)


Sitting for hours puts you at risk of having a heart attack even if you workout regularly. If you ‘‘rest’’ all day, the lack of movement might affect your blood levels. Walking for 5 to 10 minutes can stabilize. 

Don’t sit all day!

Is Sitting Behind Your Desk Bad for Your Health? | Get Healthy Stay Healthy (google.ca)


  1. Getting too stressed out

Your schedule is never empty? With everything the world is going through, it’s easy to panic and be stressed. 

Stress increases your blood pressure, which causes permanent damage.

When you feel pressure, you can also adopt unhealthy habits like drinking too many cocktails, eating too much and at the wrong time. These are very bad for you. 

For your own good you need to relax, by listening to music, writing somewhere and describing your feelings.

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71 per cent of Exeter students who took the ‘Stress Scale’ were dangerously stressed (google.ca)


  1. Smoking or living with someone who smokes


You surely heard it before. Smoking is bad for your lungs but it’s also destructive for your heart. Inhaling stuff, vaping, those are a total disaster for your organs. Smoking promotes blood clots, which can block blood flow to your heart and contributes to plaque buildup in the arteries.

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