Walking on Thin Ice: Never a Good Idea


Marie Chabot

On march 21th, a secondary 1 student from La Camaradière fell in the cold water of the Rivière St-Charles.


Apparently, the boy was playing with four girls close to the river and they challenged him to go on the ice. According to an anonymous source, he jumped on the ice and he broke through.


Camaradiant has yet to confirm the information but according to witnesses, when the boy was in the water, his four friends were so panicked that instead of calling 911, they called people at school to notify the  security guard which delayed the rescue.


Luckily, the student succeeded in getting out of the cold water. Firefighters were first on the scene and warmed him up before the ambulance took over. The kid got really scared and he apparently froze a few toes.


It is not uncommon to see students playing by the river Saint Charles, however on these days, the ice on rivers is not that thick because of the warmer climate. It’s for that reason that it is not a good idea to venture on ice for any reason.


Over the last 10 years, it was not unusual to see people playing by the river and falling in it. It happened a few times, luckily it isn’t too deep so major catastrophes were avoided.


A lot of people can confirm, when you’re challenged and you want to impress someone, ego can get you to do relatively stupid stuff.