Companies are Leaving Russia

Different companies left Russia since the beginning of the war, some companies left for a small amount of time while some are definitively leaving for good.

The sports brands, Nike and Adidas are the big names that come to mind when talking about athletics. Both of these brands have already stopped their profits in this country. For example, Adidas, the company already has closed all of its stores and has suspended its online store in Russia. From Nike’s side, they have closed most of their shops and the 56 remaining ones will be open until it will be forced to close. Since Nike won’t be restocking products, the store will be forced to close by itself.

The main apps and services that have left Russia are Netflix, Epic Games and Disney. Netflix hasn’t been on Russian television since the beginning of March and has lost over 700,000 users since the beginning of March. They announce it by using the reason for the war and this citation proves it “Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” this decision has made a lot of Russians pretty mad.  The Founder of one of the biggest games in the world has taken out their game named Fortnite of Russia. Their motive behind it is the war as they tweeted “Epic is stopping commerce with Russia in our games in response to its invasion of Ukraine,”. For Disney they won’t be releasing their movies in the Russian land and has shut down all of their smaller channel to support Ukraine.

The fast-food restaurant, The biggest in the world has left all of its 847 restaurants, the big M has fired over 62,000 employees and is losing nearly 50 million dollars per month. Also, another food channel that has left Russia is Starbucks. The coffee franchise from the state of Washington has announced its departure from Russia, it has been 15 years since the commencement of their journey in Russia and since then they have opened over 130 Coffeehouses around the country. But Starbucks won’t let their two thousand unemployed employees on the road, they decided to pay them for the next six months and will help them to find a job outside of the siren green emblem.