Chicken Infection Spreading



Presently in Ontario and Alberta, lots of farms have chickens infected by the Avian Flu, a deadly virus for this animal

 The Avian Flu came back this year in 2022, mostly in Ontario and Alberta. The farmers are worried because many farms have infected chickens and or turkeys and sadly, many of them died from the infection. If not, they are euthanized to ensure the safety of the other birds around them. The first cases of the Avian Flu were found in 1878 in Italy and was called fowl plague back then. The disease is the fourth descendant of the Spanish Flu. The Avian Flu did not spread back then, but this year, cases are increasing.


Actually, the birds will suffer from diarrhea, breathing difficulties and/or a swollen head. The infected animal will spread the virus by its feathers, its mucous, its saliva and its faces. Birds in contact with water and feed of the sick ones could get infected too, unfortunately. If you think one of your birds is infected, you can call this number :1-800-567-2033 or go on this link to know what to do:  or 


Furthermore, humans can get the Avian Flu, with the symptoms of coughing, having fever, a sore throat or runny/congested nose. Fortunately, a human being getting this sickness happens rarely. The farmers mostly get it from taking the chickens in their hands or by touching their boots that have been in contact with the contaminated bird. 


If the virus spreads, it might get to Quebec and infect our chickens. This event would make the price of the chicken even higher in the grocery stores. It would make a lot of people mad, since the war between Ukrainians and Russians has already made the products pricier. A solution proposed by the SPCA was to ask people to remove their birds’ feathers.