Everything You Need to Know About Prom


The prom will be celebrated on June 25th at Hôtel Château Laurier in Old Quebec near the Plains of Abraham.

The students are both really excited and relieved to finally celebrate the end of high school after two years. ”After two years of pandemic, prom has been an event we’ve been looking forward to. We find ourselves particularly lucky to be able to end our high school experience the way it should’’, said Eléonore Drolet-Plante, a student of secondary 5. 

The cocktail is a little celebration which the parents and the siblings of the graduates students are invited to. It will be at 5th o’clock at hotel Château-Laurier.

This year, the prom committee wants to do something new, without completely changing the tradition of king and queen. In 2022, the ball committee members believe that the title of King and Queen should not be held by only a girl and a boy. ‘’Prices will be awarded to students who stood out this year, like the funniest or the smartest one’’ ,said Geneviève Maheux.

The committee is made up of 6 students from secondary 5 who wanted to make this event fabulous. The committee members organized everything from A to Z with the help of Genevieve Maheux, the school recreation technician. The members of the committee made the choices of the menu, the decoration and the organization of the evening.

This year, the after-prom party is on June 26th, the day after the prom. The after-prom party is obviously not organized by the school committee for legal reasons. It is organized by the graduates outside of school hours, so the school committee doesn’t have any information about it.