Anxiety And Stress


Hilary Molloy, Journalist/photographer

It is normal to have anxiety and stress because it is part of the process in life and it makes you stronger and braver to face your fears. ” you are not alone” said one of a student at La Camaradière.

Anxiety and stress are not the same things. People usually say that everyone has anxiety but it is not the case. Everyone can have stress because it is a part of our lives. Anxiety is a totally different feeling and not everyone has it. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, uneasiness, and dread. You can have many symptoms like sweaty hands, headache, difficulty to breath, and more. Anxiety can induce several psychological pains like depression, mental disorders, self-harm, or suicide. Stress can be defined as any type of change that causes emotional, physical, or psychological strain.

There are different types of anxiety. Social anxiety is a fear of rejection and being judged by others. There is also mathematical anxiety, somatic anxiety, and a lot more.

There are many ways to deal with your anxiety problems or with stress. For example, you can try to talk about how you feel to someone you trust like a family member, a friend, etc… Take deep breaths and try to relax yourself. Try to change your mind and do something you like.

Many resources are very helpful at La Camaradière like the social work technician or you can call: