Nordiques Comeback


David Blouin-Jean, Author

Since a couple of year, NHL’s commissioners talked about a future expansion in the National Hockey League. Quebec city could be part of this expansion. Since Videotron Center’s construction has been completed, fans wonder when they will have their team back.

At the moment, no deadline has been established Commissioner Bettman said. “We are in the process of gathering information,there have been no deliberations as to whether or not we want to expand, how many teams, or where. There’s much work to be done.” In Quebec city, there’re a lot of hockey fans. Those fans are very impatient, but commissioners said that there’s a lot more than that to decide if there will be a future expansion. If the National Hockey League decides to add one or more teams, they won’t begin to play before the 2017-2018 season. Las Vegas is also in the expansion’s process, but their arena hasn’t been finished yet. The price for an expansion is about 500 millions US dollars. Which means an approximated 670 millions (canadian).