Election time.


Fernanda Zeve and Sephora Aké


Wednesday, September 27th at La camaradière, Rosalie Gagnon and Louis Eden Caron were elected to be prime minister and vice prime minister of the school.

To begin with, congratulations to all the candidates that participated to the campaign. The candidates for the vice prime minister’s election were: Louis Eden Caron, Jérémie Gazale, Alicia Patry and Alex Brassard. As for the prime minister’s election, the candidates were: Rosalie Gagnon, Jacob Larchiteur, Geneviève Monalie and Érika Simard Fournier.

The campaign started on Friday, September 22nd and the 8 candidates prepared their election by making posters and debates. “I voted for Rosalie because she had a nice presentation in her publicities.” said Chelsia, a sec.3 student. “I voted for Louis because he had a good slogan on his poster and he is funny.” added Olivier, a sec.3 student.

The debate went smoothly, the candidates were spontaneous and answered quickly to the questions. “The candidates talked about good subjects and were respectful” said Geneviève Maheux, our recreation technician. She was assisted in the supervision of the campaign by Patrick Huot, Vanier’s liberal’s party deputy.

The whole school voted for their leader on September 27th and the results came out a few days later. “When I heard that I won, I was surprised but very happy.” said Rosalie, the prime minister. Louis, the vice prime minister, said he decided to be candidate because he wanted to prove himself that he’s able to become a leader and his efforts paid off.

For this year Rosalie wants to put new benches in the hall and Louis wants students to have fun.

(Written by Sephora Aké, Fernanda Zeve; Editing by Mathis Pelletier and Natalia Valero.)