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Meeting after 10 years

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High school is about learning but also about meeting friends that we will have for a very long time. It’s also about creating some of the best memories of our life. So, it’s with enthusiasm that Jade Vézina is going to her meeting after 10 years this summer 2018.

“Most of the time, I was a good student at school. But in my teenager’s time, the school was not really important for me. But now, I realize the value of it and how it’s essential. Also, when someone is talking about high school, it reminds me of all the good moments there. “said Jade Vézina.

Why should we go?

Each person has their own reasons to go or not.

Suzanne Turcot wanted to see some old friends and what they became. “It was really nice, I wasn’t expecting that at all. We learned things from each other and I made new friendships from this meeting. There was that one boy from high school that I had a crush on and when I saw him again, after those years, I didn’t recognize him at all.”

The passage of time does not have the same effects on everyone. Some have difficulties in taking the fact that they lost their hair and swell over time. “Once you are an adult, you can have changed a lot psychologically and physically, explained Dania Ramirez, a psychologist at the Montreal University and in private practice. People say to themselves: “I have grown old, I do not want to be seen like this.” Others ask themselves the question: “Am I living up to what was expected of me?” Finally, there are those who do feel well in their personal or professional life.

Sophie Vallerand, was far from being the most popular of the school at the time. However, time has worked in her favor. “I did not turn heads at all, she exclaims. It made me feel better to see that I had aged well. Moreover, I noticed that women age much better than men. They usually pay more attention to themselves. ”

“I wanted to live those years once again,” says Hélène Lescelleur, 42 years old, who organized the reunion of the promotion 1990. “We also played music of that time. I look at my oldest who will graduate this year and I tell myself that at his age, I was not so wise!”

Should the students who were a victim of bullying go to these meetings?

Actually, some who had experience bullying would be stressed out about going or even would not go. Yannick, who suffered a lot of bullying during high school didn’t go to his meeting. He explained that none of his friends were going and those years were miserable for him. He was bullied and was in a lot of fights. So, he decided to just forget this period of his life and focus on the future with his girlfriend.

“It was bad. I was disgusted with school and about going there. When someone is talking about it, I feel disgusted. Even at primary, my first day of school, I remember, I came late in my classroom and no one was there. I was so stressed out and sad that I walked miles away to go to my house. So, the school didn’t start really well for me.’’

“It depends on how we lived our high school. If it is associated with a beautiful period of our life, despite the numerous storms of adolescence, we will be happy to go. If we lived difficult things, we will prefer to abstain. “said the psychologist.

“Some old students are excited about finding old acquaintances, but others are experiencing it with a lot of anxiety.” she finished.

Written by Aude Turcot

Editing by Sarah Turcotte, Laurie Gauthier and Juliette Riverin


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    Meeting after 10 years