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DAY 19: Traditional Christmas meals

Gabrielle Gauvin

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Christmas is a great holiday to spend time with family and to gather around a good meal. Here are the origins or variations of our favorite dishes.

1. Tourtière or Meat Pie?

Since a long ago, the tourtière and the meat pie are constantly opposed. The recipes vary from the toppings to the ketchup. Some contain the trio, beef, veal, and pork, while others contain partridge and chicken or onions and potatoes.

2. Turkey

Every year, we cooked for the holidays and this is the meal that is loved by everyone, young to old. In the USA, the Christmas turkey replaced the goose originally served as an exotic meal in France.

3. Chicken

Coming from India, the most common type of poultry in the world is a descendant of the red and grey jungle fowls. These chickens were brought in South America, in 1570, by Spanish colonists. Today, there is over a hundred different recipes of this meal.

4. Soup

A soup is a very comforting meal helping us to warm up after a cold winter day. From pasta to vegetables, there are a lot of good combinations possible to cook the perfect one. Chicken soup, tomato soup, and beef soup are ones of the eaters favorite.

5. Stew

This meal can look disgusting to children sometimes, but on the web, you can find different versions that will please everybody. Stew is mainly composed of meat, sauce and potatoes or legume. It is cooked in Allemagne, Canada, France, India and in a lot of other countries.


(Written by Gabrielle Gauvin, Editing by Annie Létourneau)

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    DAY 19: Traditional Christmas meals