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Four Loko forbidden after a reminder!

Cassandre Boutet

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The 20th of november, many alcoholic beverages including Four Loko were the objet of a raminder by the company Embouteillage Solar.

More and more popular amougst teenagers by their low price and their inofensive taste, Four Loko were the object of inspections that were made at the factory of Terrebonne. It revealed that the process of fabrication did not meet with the contraints. Four Loko is made with ethyl alcohol rather than an alcohol stemming from the fermentation of malt, what they’re supposed to use.

“It is not in accordance with the regulations planning that only the beer, the cider the wine or the crafts can be put in market at the retailers in food.”clarified the Embouteillage Solar company.

Containing the caffeine, the bullfighting, the guarana and the alcohol (11,9%)  by the fourth principal ingredients made for one can the equivalent of 4 glass of standard alcohol. This is why the concern of medical staff is soaring about it right now.

An audiance at the Régis des alcools is provided at the end of december. Also, no fines are handed to this type of infractions. The company wich markets Four Loko fully intends to get back the drinck on the shelves as soon as Febuary 2018.

Cassandre Boutet

Edited by Jade Hallé and Élodie Vallière

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    Four Loko forbidden after a reminder!