How to Instagram

Sarah-Jeanne Légaré, Editor

Think, create, shoot, edit, write and post. To make an Instagram feed original, pictures should look good. Show the world a part of you is simpler than most people think. For that you only have to follow some rules and steps and use your creative side as much as possible. (Don’t forget that Instagram is a social media). People show only what they want to and this is not reality. Make it awesome!

Three important tricks

1- To make your account private is ”safer”, but nobody can see what you posted and like it. You have absolutely no visibility.

2- Hashtags are important, again for visibility. When people search a subject on Instagram, if your picture doesn’t have any tag, it will not be displayed.

3- Make your account pleasant for the eyes. When people scroll on instagram, they don’t stop on dull picture, they stop on something that is attractive to them.


To make your picture editing simple, there’s a few apps you could download for filters, effects, corrections and framing.

It has many filters, and pretty decent quality for pictures.

You cannot take pictures directly with this app, but you import your photo library and you can frame it in a Polaroid style (white frame).

This app is a bit harder to understand, but it’s worth the effort. It has a multitude of filters and tools to modify your picture (to play with the colors, the shadows, the lights, the angle of the photo, etc.) VSCO is also a social media, where, you can see other people’s photos which can be inspiring.

Again, you cannot take pictures directly from this app, but after importing them, you have some filters, you can make collage, there’s some effects, backgrounds, borders, stickers and you can put text on your photo.

Get weird

Who cares? If the result is priceless, then go for it. be creative and make cool photos. Climb on furniture to experiment new perspectives. Put on some makeup and do crazy stuff to your hair and face. It’s not just about Selfies, it’s about art. Photography is part of the 7th art after all.
Be creative!