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Day 20: Christmas dessert ideas

Laurie Gauthier and Sarah Turcotte

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Christmas is coming soon! If you want to impress your guest with amazing dessert, well this is the perfect article for you. We will give you all kinds of dessert that we don’t usually think about.

1. Candy cane and oreo cookie bars

Maybe the mix of these two ingredients sound strange, but if you are an oreo cookies lover and you also love candy canes, those are the perfect bars for you. It will impress your family for sure. You can find the ingredients and how to make it on site.

2.Oreo Truffle Brownies

You’re a big fan of Oreo cookies but not of candy canes? This is a recipe more appropriate for you. It’s not too long to do and you don’t need that many ingredients. At the end, it’s supposed to be a brownie with oreo. A dream come true. On the site of, you will see more information about it. May contain nuts.

3. Chocolate and marshmallow cookies

This is a recipe invented by Ricardo. It’s kind of a chocolate cookie topped with a marshmallow and chocolate fondant. You can add a raspberry to make it a little bit cuter. It’s a sweet dessert to serve in a buffet. If it interests you, you can go on the site of

4. Caramel squares

This awesome recipe done by is a sweet and fun dessert to make. With not a lot of ingredients, it can be a wonderful sweet pastry  for the holiday seasons. A great  to make with family and friends! Hope you’ll like it. May content nuts.

5. Double fudge ghislaine

This very sweet dessert is very commendable to try! Mostly for the lovers of chocolate, this recipe wins! It has been tested by It makes it looks like it was hard to make, but it wasn’t at all. Enjoy!

6.Oh! Henry! Square

You are an oh henry lover but you want to try something else? Well, this is the perfect recipe for you. On the site of, all the information and how to make it are there. Everyone who’ll try it will fall in love with your dessert! It is also a great recipe to bring to a party if you didn’t know what to bring there. Warning, this recipe may contain nuts.

7.Snowballs cookie

This pastry has been done by It is an awesome recipe that represents winter. It is a light dessert for the people that don’t like very sweet dessert.




Writing by Laurie Gauthier and Sarah Turcotte

Editing by Annie Létourneau

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    Day 20: Christmas dessert ideas