Christmas At School


Thanks to the students’ council, wonderful Christmas’ activities will be available to the students this December!

All the activities planned for this christmas are the following. First, on Monday December 10th, there’s going to be a new activity: decorate your snowflake. You will have a piece of paper that you’ll fold and then cut pieces into it. The most beautiful ones will win prices and then, your creations will be exposed in the hall.

On Tuesday December 11th, there’s going to have the famous unpacking gifts with oven mitts. People will sit in a circle and each person will roll a dice until someone picks a certain number. The person will try to open the gift previously wrapped by evil Christmas elves using oven mitts. During this time, other people will continue to roll the dice until somebody pick the lucky number. The person who was unpacking the gift will stop and pass it down to the next player. The game will continue this way, until a person succeeds at unpacking the gift. This person will keep the price.

Wednesday, Santa Claus is coming to our school and he’ll give surprises. During his visit, you can play twister. Plus, thursday and friday, the movie “Boréal express” will be projected in the “salle Guy Bedard”.

To finish, on Monday December 17th, there’s going to have the Christmas yule log at the last periode (it will be prepared by the cafeteria and all paid by the school), you’ll have the chance to play Just dance in the hall and wear your nicest Christmas’ pajamas all day long.

All the ideas were took by the students. “I worked in secondary school for many years, so of course, I got expertise. Sometimes, the students tell something and i’m like : hum… maybe because of this, this and this it wouldn’t work. They answer : Ah… yes it’s true. So I just try to guide them so they won’t waste energy for nothing. Except this, it’s all them who take the decisions”, explained Geneviève Maheux, the school activities’ technician.

The students’ council got a budjet of $1000 for all the year’s activities including: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day and Easter. One of the only time they made the students paid for something, was when they were distributing hot chocolate. “The activities of the students’ council is more for students to enjoy” said Ms. Geneviève.

Last year, the most popular activities were unpacking gifts during lunch time, but not as much as the Christmas yule log or Just dance or the movie. So we hope this year’s activities will be as popular as last year.

Would you like to have Christmas’ music in the hall? It could take place while no student has the responsibility of the radio, during the diner. The decorations have been installed, on Friday November 30th.


Writing by: Alexandra Demers

Editing by: Alycia Roberge, Marie-Maxime Geoffroy and Laurie Pronovost