Frisbee Team Recruits

Our sport technician create a new activity for the school.La Camaradière  will join a league of ultimate frisbee if there is enough people signing up for a team.

The ultimate frisbee inscriptions will end  in mid-April.There will be two categories of team,5 vs 5 and 7 vs 7.The playstyle of the  game won’t change because of the category.

Boys and girls will be mixed together in the team, but teams will be divided according to age: benjamin, cadet and juvenile.The teams will be coached by a physical education teacher,Eve Bilodeau.

Everyone is  invited to play in this team.This sport can improve your dexterity, agility, team work and  your vision of the game.The Ultimate Frisbee is described as a dynamic,pleasant non-contact sport by Guillaume Béland.

The school’s teams will join the leagues  RSEQ(Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec).Last year,this federation had 81 teams in 11 different leagues.

The schedule will come out around May and the season will start towards the end of May and the beginning of June because the meeting of RSEQ about the ultimate frisbee will be in the beginning of May.


Eve Bilodeau had the idea to create the activity for the school,but Guillaume Beland already  had it in mind. Eve supported him by offering her service as a coach.There can be an assistant-coach to help Miss Bilodeau run the team.


The price will depend in the number of inscriptions.If there is a sufficient number of players the price will be approximately $150.The price can go higher if there is less players.

Written by:Albert David Castro Delgado

Edited by:Kamelia Bensadek, Valeria Claro and Émile Côté