Évelyne to be Released on Stage


Name: Évelyne

Middle name: Sassy

Last name: Tremblay

Age: 15 years old

Birth place: Québec, Québec

Date of arrestation: November 6th 2017

Time: 11:38 am

Place: At school

Offence: Excessive sassiness and stubbornness

Motives: Hunger, exhaustion and lack of sleep

Date of release: May 6th 2019

Previous records: Arrested for her excessive speaking correction and for her too sharp arguments (she never lost any debate)

Watch your back: I, Évelyne, “the sassy girl”  am coming out of prison. My cell partners may tell you I look like an angel (I kinda took countless naps to recover from my lack of sleep) but I am in fact a real demon. I’m not gonna lie, I viciously prepared my next strike: the Camaradiant debate. And let me tell you one thing: I cannot wait to see the beautiful little faces of yours that will be wrecked after confronting me.

I’ll stop you before your expectations get too high: you don’t stand a chance against me. I don’t wanna look pretentious here but there’s no doubt that I’m gonna destabilize you in a second with my huge vocabulary and totally destroy you with my arguments that are as sharp as a knife. Slowly, I will demolish every statement you thought were unbreakable and at the end, you’ll find yourself with nothing left to say to prove your point.

I’ll not give up, not until I’ve completely ruined you. While it will be a heavy defeat for you, it will only be for me another easily won battle to add to my (already long) list. If I were you, I’d be careful with what I say because I’m not only serving amazing comebacks. You make one mistake and I’ll point it out. I am a real autocorrect: I never let a single mistake slip. N.E.V.E.R. Even my English teacher hasn’t been able to correct me, not even once! (*Flipping my hair)

Anyway, these are only minimalistic details about me. Can’t wait to see my opponents’ expressions when they’ll meet my legendary cocky grin of glory!

Meanwhile, I wish you good luck (obviously for the form because you clearly do not measure up).


See ya my dear rivals. War has officially begun!