Hate Crimes Against Asian on the Rise

April 28, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, the Asian community has been targeted by hate crimes. 


As the world knows, the first case of Covid-19 was located in China, exactly in  Wuhan, Hubei province (in a market). It was reported by the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission.


Since then, the world blamed China for not taking quick actions against the virus. They were also accused of being the cause of the virus. 


Racism against Asians took another level, the ones that are the most targeted are Asians-Americans. According to witnesses, people don’t even need a valid reason to hit them, they could just be at the market buying food like normal people and get beaten by random citizens. To some, If you have small eyes and an Asian look, you are automatically Chinese and you deserve a good beating, according to people of this community.


According to Twitter, Some people found the way Asians are treated very poorly handled by the government.


“It’s ironic how they treat us, knowing the fact that at least one of the objects they have at home is made in China. The people who are harassing my community are the same ones that love to watch animés, read manga, eat sushi, travel to Japan and so on”.


Many people are shocked by the actions caused by many racist people. According to many, it’s not now that this whole incident started, this pandemic just helped to show the nature of people. All they needed was a reason to show violence against that community, now that they have one nothing can stop them.


Here are some example:


Nicole Burkett, a teacher from Grant Union High School Sacramento mocked East Asians eyes during her  Zoom class.


An 80 years old woman was assaulted by five teens at her own house, in Ottawa. According to her granddaughter named Cindy Tran, a group of teens banged on her grandmother’s door after 9 p.m. on Aug. 20. She already had a hearing problem, so she believed her dog wanted to go outside, said Tran. Her grandmother was not good at english, but knew at least curse words. The teens yealled racial comments toward the old lady and one of them even threw a rock at her. The rock striked the lady’s left cheek and left a bruise.


We’ve got the opportunity to interview one member of the Asians community. It’s one of my acquaintances  that we’re gonna call Yan Yan


How do you feel about the hate Asians are receiving?


“I feel disgusted by the hate Asian community is receiving right now. The hate crime against Asian went up more than 100%. That is huge!”


What do you think is the cause of that sudden movement?


“Asian racism was already bad but the corona gave people a reason to hate my community. It almost became a trend to attack Asian people , they even attack elder”.


Do you think the system is too soft concerning this case?


“We can’t put the fault on the system. They can’t really do anything but to share messages to the community to help Asian community and on social media people are already helping the cause by posting posts that will talk about it”.


Have you ever felt in danger just because of your ethnicity?


“Yes,I already felt in danger. A group of people insulted me pretty hard of all kinds of names and I thought they were gonna attack me but walked away”.


Did you ever face racism against Asian?


“I live racism daily, racisme against Asian community is seen everywhere but is normalize like sayin Ching Chong or (french therm) plisser ses yeux. In fact, all kinds of things like that are normalized today; no one says anything about it”.


Do you have anything else to say about this matter?


“I think that the situation is getting better and better with the help of Social media that talk about it and touch more people so maybe in a few years all this will stop, but hate crime is still very high and we should find a solution to this”.


Please, stop asians hate crimes.


                                                                     Mrs. Truth


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