The Man who did 4000 B.A.S.E Jumps


Yoan Bérubé, author

Miles Daisher is a veteran of the Red Bull Air Force with more than 20 years of skydiving. Recently he accomplished something really impressive, he did his 4000th jump.

It all started on July 27, 1997.  “This is the coolest thing you could possibly do – let’s figure out a way to continue doing it.” said Miles after his first jump. Like most pilots he logs his jumps, that’s why he knows that this was his 4000th jump. He jumps a lot off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho. He said that he didn’t want to do his 4000th jump at this bridge because he already has done 3000 jumps off this place. That is why he chose Moab, it is a beautiful place and you can do B.A.S.E jump legally.

Miles Daisher is not the only one that got a lot of jumps. There is Mauritzio De Palma with 3600 and Christopher MacDougal with 3400 jump. He said that his numbers are high because he lives close to the Perinne Bridge. It’s legal to BASE jump from it. He said that he moved there because of the bridge and for his family and wife. His wife was born and raised there. He said that everybody’s happy and he just can go on the bridge, smile,enjoy life, and jump.

The reason why Miles started this sports was because his dad was in the Air Force when he was young. He has been around air shows and pilots his whole life. He said that when he saw a guy land a parachute into a field just in front of him it changed everything. From there, he said that he knew that someday he would do that. This day came on sept. 6, 1995 in Davis, California. He did 11 jumps that weekend and he was cleared off students status and began to jump on his own.

Miles told that when he prepares a jump he always starts with the landing and after the take off. He said that the most important is the landing and that we never talk enough about it too.

He jumped off 200 different places. He had the opportunity to jump off the Troll Wall (in Norway) with Shane McConkey. He said that his coolest one was an indoor B.A.S.E jump at the Gaylord Hotel at Washington D.C. There was only 170 feet to impact and 210 feet to the landing area. You had to turn around a glass atrium to reach the landing area. He did 86 jumps at the Perrine Bridge to prepare this jump. They started the Red Bull Flugtag with this jump. Imagine, 5 or 6 months of training for 19seconds in the air.

Miles Daisher prefers to jump from buildings because he had the chance to see very amazing structures. Last year, he jumped from the Princess Tower in Dubai. It’s taller than the Empire State Building and they had ziplines running off from it.

The answer of  Miles when people talk about the dangers of B.A.S.E jumping is “Everybody dies right?. But does everybody live?”. He said that in life you can choose danger or safety, he doesn’t want to do crazy things in life but he says he wants to enjoy a little danger in his life.

Miles said that after 20 years, he always has something to learn even on his favorite bridge. He added that there’s so many things to do and so many things we don’t think of. “I’m still learning, and that’s a beautiful thing” said Miles.