Leucan’s Event on Ice at la Camaradière


Rosalie Langlois

     Because of the pandemic, the famous Leucan event won’t happen in La Camaradière as it happened normally.


     For 10 years, it’s been a big event at la Camaradière. Benoit Thibodeau brought the idea to the school. He has been in charge of it since the beginning. It’s been two years now that the event is not happening like it was happening in the past because of the pandemic.


      In mars, the school only had 1 participant and because of the cases going crazy, the school closed, so we don’t know when and how it will happen. 


     Leucan has been committed to supporting children with cancer and their families for more than 40 years.


     There are many goals linked to the event. To collect money for research, for children with leukemia, and to amass hairs to do wings are the most known, but one of them is also to sensitize people around you. It’s also a good way to realize that you are lucky to be in health and that anytime, you can be hit by one of those bad diseases. Shaving all your hair is a good way to show your support to people who lost all of theirs because of their disease. 


     I have few friends around me that did it, and they told me it was one thing to do in life. They told me they felt proud after shaving their head, and they were right to feel that way!  


     We hope the school will reopen soon, so many people will have the chance to live this experience and to collect as much money as we can.