Dealing With the White Page Syndrome

Édouard Rousseau

White page syndrome is an overwhelming psychological paralysis that reaches a lot of people. Is it possible to overcome it?

Sure, it’s possible, but before knowing how there are many causes and symptoms of this syndrome that are important to know.

  • Cause: 

Even though some people say that it was “ invented in California by people who couldn’t write” writer’s block is still something that can affect your creativity and your mental health.

First of all, there’s the lack of energy and hunger. If starving or worn out, your capacity for writing will be blocked because your brain won’t be able to think about all the information needed to invent or create a text.

Secondly, when stressed or anxious, it is difficult to focus and stay on task. A lot of pressure on doing the text or the article can as well be a cause of the stress.

Thirdly, interest is also a big part of the cause. If the subject chosen isn’t much of an interest, it could be hard to have the motivation you need to write about it.   

  • Symptoms:

White page syndrome known as writer’s block can be identified with various symptoms. Such as looking at the page and never having any idea of how to start. 

Furthermore, writing and erasing the first sentence repeatedly because you’re considering it’s not good enough. Thinking in your head, “I’ll never be able to do anything good, ever again”. 

In front of a white page and not knowing what to write may lead to being easily distracted (going on social media or thinking about something else), which leads to no concentration.

  • Defeat blank page syndrome:

People say that you just have to concentrate on your work but it’s hard to focus when you have writer’s block. Like Stephen King, a famous novelist and writer, said, “Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear; figure out what you have to say.”

Most of the time, blank page syndrome goes away without any treatments needed. But when it’s not the case, it means that your brain isn’t able to force itself to focus enough to write.

Here are many ways to overcome white page syndrome: 

Talking to someone about your subject will help you to see different angles about your text. If alone, reading about your topic without thinking of how to write your text will give you more ideas.

Ease off and take a break. During these 10-15 minutes, your brain will be more relaxed, more concentrated, and less stressed. This is also a way to start thinking about the angle of your text.

Start with the part of your text in which you are more comfortable writing about. Middle or end, it doesn’t matter. As long as you write as many words as possible.

White page syndrome is not a medical problem to be worried about. Many people are convinced that it is not real, it’s just “psychological fake news”. 

“Writer’s block is just a fancy word of saying ‘I don’t feel like doing any work today,’” said Meagan Spooner.