How Did The Pandemic Affect Students?


Alicia Miller

Since the pandemic, academic anxiety cases have increased a lot.

In 2021, academic stress is more present than before. The pandemic has affected a lot of students. Studies show that academic stress can increase the chance of anxiety and depression. A lot of teenagers suffer from all the pressure school puts on them.

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes. It’s a disorder that everybody can suffer from. Research shows that if there were a better academic situation, students would have better mental health.

Academic pressure is one of the biggest reasons why kids are stressed. Students can feel pressure from their parents, school, teachers, society, or themselves to achieve higher grades. Stress can keep students from doing as well as they could


There are a lot of things that can cause anxiety in education.

One of the main reasons is too much homework. Students need breaks. It also goes with another major source of stress: heavy workload. Often, students don’t have time to relax and they can have poor sleep schedules that make concentrating and learning difficulties.

Finally, lack of organization is the last cause I’ll talk about in this article. Students can have poor organization skills and the majority of the time, they will be stressed in school because of that.

What can you do if you suffer from academic stress?

First, don’t forget to set realistic goals. It will help to put away a lot of pressure. Second, remember that it’s ok to fail sometimes. You will have other opportunities in life, don’t let failure stop you.

If you think you suffer from anxiety, don’t forget to talk about it with someone that can help you. Some people can give you tricks and help you with this disorder. Be open to change and new learning methods. Find tricks that will help you!