The Effect of the Vaccine Passport in Teenager’s School life

January 18, 2022

The beginning of the school year has come with a lot of changes. The introduction of the vaccinal passport is one of those.


For various reasons, some students don’t have a vaccinal passport, but because of the strict laws about it, they can’t participate in any of the activities and sports happening in the school. With the vaccinal passport being required almost everywhere most of them felt left out of the majority of the activities.



One student couldn’t watch some of the shows in the multicultural week because she was waiting for her second dose and didn’t have a passport at the moment. She couldn’t be with her friends and found it very difficult to have a good school life. The student also wanted to be part of the female juvenile basketball team because of the vaccine mandate she couldn’t.


Some people are arguing, saying that if the student wanted to do extracurricular activities she should have gotten her two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. She responded to them by saying that she was waiting for her mom to have the doses together. She was said to be afraid of getting vaccinated alone and wanted the support of her mom with her. She also so said that just thinking of doing it without her mom would make her have really horrible dream of her reacting badly to the vaccine and dying. Her fear is acceptable knowing she is afraid of needles.


It’s normal for teenagers to not be able to live their school life to its fulness because they refused to have the covid vaccine? Even if 84,8% of the 12-17-year-olds all have their two doses there are still some refusing to have it. They say it’s their right to not have the vaccine and refuse to even think about their children missing some opportunity.

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