Nutrition Affects More Than The Body


Eva Sévigny, Photographer

      Having a healthier alimentation and diet can actually improve your mental health.

    Consuming vegetables, fruits and aliments that are rich in omega-3 gives you less chances of developing anxiety and depression. On the other hand, processed foods and sugar can increase your chances of contracting mental illnesses. 

    This is because the brain is related to the gastrointestinal tract, also called the second brain. It is full of bacteria that can influence the neurotransmitters in the brain. Eating healthy meals produces “good bacteria” and releases serotonin, the hormone that stabilizes our mood. Consuming junk food on a daily basis can however cause inflammation which can lead to depression.

    The “good bacteria” acts as a kind of barrier against “bad bacteria” which is created by consuming high amounts of sugar and junk foods. It can lead to inflammation which is as much responsible for causing physical and mental illnesses. 

    Since it’s all connected, when healthy meals are consumed, the “good bacteria” and serotonin makes its way to the brain. The same thing happens every time we eat or drink something. Depending on what it is, your mood and mental state is going to reflect it. 

    When depressed or anxious, some people’s reflexe is going to be grabbing foods high in sugar such as ice cream, chocolate and more. This could eventually become a habit, then an addiction and it ends up becoming a loophole because eating these types of food can increase anxiety. 

    Having a variated alimentation is also extremely important in order to get all the nutrients you need. Complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and fatty acids such as quinoa, soybeans and eggs, should all be incorporated in your diet. 

    Hydratation is another really important element to keep up with. Staying hydrated helps keeping your blood circulation smooth and flowing. So being dehydrated causes tension in the body. It can make you more irritable and sensitive and therefore, impacts your mood instantly.

    This is why having a better and healthier alimentation is better and more beneficial as much for your physical and mental health.