Giving Dresses Another Night

Victoria Gilbert

  The cost of prom dresses, on average, is 100$ to 600$. Meaning that not everyone has the budget to buy them for their 17 year old graduates. That is why our school has decided to get some second hand one and rent them for not so much money.

  Everything started last year when the company “les anges du bal” had to close up. This company would make any teenager’s prom dream come true by renting them a free dress for the night .“When they closed, they asked a few schools to come and get some dresses to keep the movement going,” Said Julie Bourgeois, responsible for this project. 

   Miss Bourgeois also stated she loves seeing her students’ mesmerized as they see the high quality dresses they’ll be wearing for the night, “It’s about making a small dream accessible”.

  No matter the size you are, they’ll have a dress for you, “For now, we have about 40 dresses in all sizes.”

  “One of my students proposed to also make an event with suits for anyone that doesn’t want to wear a dress to prom or just for people that can’t afford suits.”

  Renting one of those beautiful dresses is only 40$. Once you give it back to them they’ll give you 20$ and keep the rest to clean the dress.