A new Start for Fanny Pouliot-Savary


Noémie Houde, Photographe

It is sad to see Fanny leave after so many years at the school

Fanny had been a sports technician at the school for seven years. She cared deeply about the students who participated in athletics. She was always willing to help us.  Fanny is a very fun person to be around, she is very kind and she also always has a smile on her face. Now she works at Cégep Sainte-Foy.

Fanny had a lot of projects and since her arrival at La Camaradière, the number of competitive teams has grown from nine to sixteen. She has set up women’s basketball as well as men’s volleyball.  She also brought back badminton.  She has worked a lot on extracurriculars, now the school has a great offer of non-competitive sports. She extended the gym hours for the Éperviers by arguing with the city and she brought back the sports galas. Her goal was to get as many students moving in a safe and positive setting as possible.

She participates in various adult volleyball leagues and competitions. Cycling, running, swimming, frisbee, snowboarding, and skating are some of her other favorite activities. She is an extremely active person.

“I miss the Cama athletes a lot, but I’m fortunate in that some former students come to see me in my Cégep office”, which helps her a lot.

Fanny wants to make a difference in the world of sport, and in order to do so, she needs to develop a profession that would allow her to pursue leadership roles. She increased her chances of attaining her long-term career goals by accepting a position as an administrative technician in the sports department at Cégep de Sainte-Foy. She was also offered better working circumstances, a higher income, and an annual job. She feels it’s fantastic to be a part of a sports management team. They are ten at Cégep to handle sports. She was alone at La Camaradière.

In her new position, she mainly deals with sports finances. It’s a much more administrative job. She works in the SAS secretariat where she is also involved in customer service.