Our New Sports Technician Rocks!


Noémie Houde, Photographe

Jérome Lévesque is the newest addition to the Camaradère family and is glad to be involved in a familiar environment.

Jérome was a student at la Camaradiere and he was in the English concentration, he graduated in 2014, and to him, everything is quite familiar. It gives him great pleasure to be able to contribute back to the environment where he spent so much time just a few years ago. Some things have changed since his last time here, but they are all for the better.

The purpose is to carry on Fanny’s excellent work for our school and the Éperviers. She always had a lot of projects going on at once, so it’s his goal to make sure they’re all taken care of and that the students get the most out of what we have to offer.

Jérome enjoys playing all sports. He spent his entire life playing hockey, but now he is primarily playing rugby. He began playing 10 years ago at La Camaradière, continued through university, and now plays for the provincial senior team.

He chose this job because he has a chance to make a good difference in the lives of teenagers and young adults while they’re here. It’s also to increase the number of boys and girls who are physically active and participate in sports, as this is such a vital aspect of living a healthy life that is often overlooked.

There are many things he wants to do, and he would also like to hear from the students about what they want. In the short term, he wants to compete in the spring with two rugby teams (boys and girls). After that, he would like to make it so that everyone who wants to participate in a sport or engage in physical activity can do so without worrying about time or money.

Jérome is involved in the development of an outdoor training zone that would be available to all the students. “It is definitely something we are looking at. We are still in the very early stage of the project, discussing with the city and the school board to see what we can and cannot do. We would really like to go forward with the project, but we’ll need to be patient before we see it happen.”

One thing is sure, Jerome enjoys his working environment, “There’s a really enjoyable work environment in our office with Genevieve and Benoit and we developed great chemistry. They have spent a lot of time at the school, so I know I can rely on their  knowledge and experience anytime I have a question or need assistance with a project.”