Going out as Teenager


Halali Mehyra Lyrane Kouadio, Editor

The subject of parents thrusting their children, mostly teenagers, is a hot topic in some households.

This is for some a matter of trust issues between them, but in generality is because of what is out there, and what danger they could encounter.

The world has become more dangerous than it was ten, or fifteen years ago. It has become harder for people with children, mostly girls,  to let them step outside freely.

The most probable cause of that is the lack of trust in their own way of raising their children. Some even were untrustworthy children and believes their children are the same. They should know that their children are different and there will surely not walk in their footsteps.

Let’s take for an example a teenager asking their parents to go to a concert with their friends.

When you ask a parent what they think about their teen going to a concert, the majority will ask about where is the concert, who are they going to see, when is the concert, and if they are going to do bad things there. Even if you respond to all of those questions with answers that could satisfy them there will still be anxiety.

The drastic change in the world has led the parents to be more careful and take more precautions for the safety of their children than they were 2o years ago. Fort a fact the risk of getting sexually assaulted in 2014 was around 1 percent, in 2020 it was 1.25 percent, they were a drop in the number a couple of years ago but it all started going back up. You would think that a pandemic would stop most of the assaults, apparently, even a deadly disease can not stop people from getting assaulted.

For parents worrying about their children’s wellbeing, Québec City has gotten lots of solutions for their worries. Most bus routes are there till late in the night so even if your child misses his first bus there will for sure be another coming in less than 1 hour.

Should they be allowed to go out with their friends, or should they stay at home where their parents can see them?