The Prom


Prom is finally back after being absent for two years.

This year, the prom at “la camaradière”  has a record of attendance. There will be 233 people present at the supper (entrée, menu principal, desert) and 575 persons who will consist of relatives of the students at the cocktail. It will take place on June 25 at the Château Laurier de Québec. The tickets for the prom were sold at the administration 90 dollars each. These tickets are valid for only one person. There are also tickets for cocktails which cost 10 to 12 dollars. The students will start arriving at 5 pm.

“It ends at midnight although sometimes it ends at 11h30 pm depending on the number of people left.” says madame Genevieve the person who takes care of the event.

Many people think that prom is just a matter of  dancing and dressing “chic”. But no, prom is a special event for seniors. First of all, it is a rite that marks their passage from childhood to adulthood and the conclusion of high school. It helps them to reflect on their years in high school. Also, this event is the last chance for them to have fun and share memories of their time in high school with their friends. It permits them to say their goodbye to their friends because they maybe won’t be able to see them again.

When students were interviewed about how they felt about the prom, they said that prom for them is important to be since it was absent for the past two years and it made them feel lucky to have it. They also said that they felt excited about seeing everyone in their prom dresses. The students talked about the post-prom which is also one event that is awaited by them for the reason that they could have more fun.

For the prom, there will be no restriction on the dresses. “There are no restrictions but you have to have a dress.” expresses madame Genevieve. There will be a DJ who will play the songs that the students have chosen one month before the event. The food will be tested and approved by the committee of students who help to organize this event.


  • A member of the student committee taking care of the prom
  • Secondary five students
  • Mrs Geneviève Maheux