Conferences at La Camaradière


Maxym Dorval and Anya Amanvi

During the year,  many conferences were offered to students at La Camaradière. One dealt with anxiety, one promoted the drag queen profession and the last covered racism issues.


On March 15 2022, Sébastien Haché, a humorist, came to the school to present a conference about anxiety. He tried to help the students to be able to make the difference between stress, and anxiety. He made them play by putting them in scenarios and telling them to guess if it was a stressful situation or an anxiety situation. The humorist also explained what were the possible effects of stress and anxiety, for example, breathing fast, getting sweaty, being red ect.

On March 28, 2022, Sébastien Potvin, known by his drag queen stage name, Barbada de Barbades, came to the school to present the drag queen profession. She wanted to show all the artistic aspects of this profession to break all the stereotypes of the drag queen profession. She explained what her job consisted of and showed them how her career started.

On May 5th, 2022, Éric Martel Bahoeli and Webster came to the school to talk about racism. This conference consisted of historical events and explained what the black community had to go through. They explained the meaning of the N- word and why it shouldn’t be used. They also gave the students examples of what their personal experiences were during their life, and what they had to go through as black men in the society.

The conference about racism was a demand from the members of the students’ council to raise awareness among the other students. According to them, too many racist incidents occurred at school, this is why they wanted it the be the subject of this conference.

A survey was made in a secondary 3’s class to know which conference they preferred. According to the survey, the students preferred the one about racism with more than 53%. The second most liked, is the one about Barbada, the drag queen with 32%. The least liked is the one about anxiety, with 15%. According to the students, the one about racism was the most interesting because it was an important subject to talk about.  The one who preferred Barbada’s conference said that they enjoyed watching her speaking about the drag queen profession because it is an unknown subject for the students and it helped them to learn more about it. Most of the students said that the one about the anxiety was repetitive and not interesting. They also think that this subject should not be approached in a humoristic way due to the impact it could cause on some students.