Switched at birth

Switched at birth

Laurie-Ann Gosselin, Author

This serie traces the story of two young teenagers who were switched at birth in Kansas City. Bay (Vanessa Marano)  the girl of John Kennish (D. W. Moffett)  and Kathryn Kennish (Lea Thompson) is a remarquable and talented artist. Daphnée (Katie Leclerc) the girl of Regina Vasquez (Constance Marie)  and Angelo Sorento (Gilles Marini) is deaf since the age of three. Bay’s life is very easy compared to Daphnée’s, she has a big house, a brother named Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and a wealthy family. Daphnée lives in a poor neighborhood in East Riverside. She just has her mother because Angelo was thinking that Regina was cheating on him.

At sixteen, Bay had to experiment with her blood type at school and the results were suprising. Her AB blood type is incompatible with her type A parents. Then it proved that the hospital did a very big mistake when the two mothers were giving birth. The Kennishes invited Regina and Daphnée to learn more about them and to know better their real daughter. When they knew that Regina is struggling financially they propose her to move in the apartment they have on top of their house with Daphnée and her grandmother Adrianna.

Now that they all live together some trouble come after, family value, difference, and jealousy between Daphnée and Bay. Daphnée has full in common with Kathryn and John, she likes to cook and she’s very sportive. Bay doesn’t take her talent for the art in the street Regina painted some artwork too. More and more, they know each other very well and the two young girls start to accept each other as sisters.


I recommand this serie for teenager and people who like dramatic serie. There is 4 seasons and each last about one hour. If you want to know more about the serie listen it you will not regret it !