Musical Experience in Your School


Amely Picard

This May 31st, an exciting event is taking place at La Camaradière high school at 19:00 in the Guy Bédard room: the end of the year music concert.


Many groups will perform songs, with different instruments and styles. There are symphonies, harmonies, and string orchestras that will perform songs from movies, musicals, classical music and popular music. The tickets cost 10$ each and parents of musicians are prioritized over students, but students are still welcome if there are enough tickets left. Students can bring up to 2 members of their family to come to experience this concert. The concert starts at 19:00 and is supposed to end at 21:00.


The secondary 1 and 2 string orchestra will play African Adventure by Robert Sheldon and Medieval Wars by Brian Balmages. The secondary 1 students will also perform songs from the movie Jurassic Park and Viking!, an original piece, as a harmony, whilst Byzantines Dances by Carol Brittin Chambers and Midnight Escape by Larry Neeck will be played by the secondary 2 harmony.


The secondary 3, 4, and 5 symphony will play an arrangement of the Greatest Showman (the featured songs are The Greatest Show, A Million Dreams, Come Alive, Rewrite The Stars and This Is Me), Dance Of The Tumblers from The Snow Maiden opera, Warrior Legacy by Soon Hee Newbold, and a surprise song in collaboration with the secondary 1 and 2 groups, whose title will not be revealed to the public until the concert. 


The secondary 5 music group, formed of 10 musicians, 5 of which want to continue their path in music, will be giving their last high school concert. This concert is a special occasion to underline their growth and path as musicians. These people have worked very hard and will soon be graduating. This is the time to notice their effort and congratulate them for it.


The secondary 3,4 and 5 English-music groups of La Camaradière will also perform in this show harmonies. The secondary 3 will perform Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon. A Game Of Thrones arrangement will be done by the secondary 4 harmony as well. The class of secondary 5 will play What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.


Mme Christine’s string ensemble will perform a song called Verbovaya Doschechka (The Willow Board in English), which is a Ukrainian folk song, in honor of the war going on in Ukraine and to support the Ukrainian people. They will also play a medley of The Phantom Of The Opera, featuring the songs The Phantom Of The Opera, All I Ask Of You, and The Music Of The Night.


A student just joined the ensemble this month. Bozhena Zibrova is a pianist in the francization class for whom it has been a pleasure to join an orchestra for the first time.


The other string ensemble, Mme Marie-Eve’s, will do a shortened version of Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. The particularity of this ensemble is that they will play this song from memory, they won’t have sheet music. Also, almost half of the musicians in this group have only started playing violin this year, either in music concentration or in extracurricular activities.


 The Manouche ensemble, constituted of 7 musicians on guitar, clarinet, double bass, and violin, will entertain you with a version of Sweet Georgia Brown by Django Reinhardt.


There is going to be an homage to a great music teacher, Jeanne Marmet, who took her retirement last year. She taught string instruments at La Camaradière for approximately 30 years so this will be to thank her for the time and effort she put into this concentration.


If you get the chance to go to this event, you should. This show will be a musical and cultural experience for anyone who goes and encouragement for the musicians who play for this high school. You will also get a chance to win money because of the half-half draw that will occur this night.


The students, the teachers and the technical team worked very hard to build this event, so make sure to encourage the effort and time it took to get to this concert. They are very excited to show the world what they can do and make people realize that music is greater than beak flute.


This link will allow you to listen to a worldwide version of Verbovaya Doschechka made to support Ukraine: