4 Productive Student Tips


Abie Francoeur, Journalist

Everyone struggles with staying motivated and reaching their goals, and teens are not an exception to this rule. Here are four different tips to be more productive as a student, some of them may even help you to keep a good average, healthy work habits and discipline. 


Get plenty of sleep

To give enough energy to your brain and allow it to function all day at its maximum, you should sleep at least 8 hours a day.  Some studies also show that as a student you should sleep even more! A healthy sleep schedule makes an energic teen! Jeremy Castonguay accepted an interview on his sleep schedule and agreed to answer a few questions, here’s how it went.

“What do you think can affect your day?”

“I feel like sleeping eight hours would actually help for the day.” -Jeremy

“How much time do you usually spend sleeping?”

“A little less than eight hours, but i feel like I would be more productive if I slept eight hours.” -Jeremy


Find your most productive hours

Some people are ” morning people” and somes works better in the afternoon or even in the evening, you have to find what works for you and stick with it. Felix Moisan accepted to give an interview about the productive hours subjet, here’s how it went.

“When do you feel the more productive when it comes to studying?”

“I mostly study in the evening, right after eating because i don’t really have time to study in the morning.” -Felix

” Do you think that finding you’re productive hours could help you having better grades?”

“I feel like the more you study the better grades you’ll get ,but, yes finding you’re productive hours could definetly help you.” -Felix


The two minutes rule

“If an action will take less than two minutes, it should be done at the moment it’s defined.” Said David Allen, who’s  proposing a new way to stop procrastining and letting the small things in work, school and life add up. Fortunately for you dear readers Laurie-ann Doyon has accepted a last minute interview and here’s how it went.

“Do you think that the two minutes rule is a good rule to follow while doing school work?”

“Yes because if you start with the easy and short things it will be easier and faster, even tho I didn’t know about the two minutes rule before I will definitly be using it now.” -Laurie-ann


Turn off distrations

As a teenager student it’s easy to blur the line between studying and strolling on the internet or even chatting with friends. A simple notification can be enough to distract a student and demotivate him into studying. The last interview will be with Kelly-Ann côte, she accepted to answer few questions.How To Find Yourself ♛ on We Heart It | Coffee and books, Book photography, Study inspiration

“Do you think that turn off distraction would help a student improve his productivity?”

” Yes, it definitely could help because that is personnally the main reason why I don’t work well and I prograstinate” -Kelly-ann

” Do you see a difference when you turn off distractions during a study session?”

” Of course I see a big difference when I turn off my cellphone and any kind of distraction, I’m more concentrated and I finish my work early.” -Kelly-ann


Dont worry, you are not a “lazy teen”, but, by doing these tips you may succed to stay motivated and keep healthy works habits.