Our Spiritual Guide


Lily Roy-Racine, Journalist, Graphic artist

Benoit is an animator of spiritual life and community involvement. He helps students take care of themselves and others. He does this work in 3 different schools. La camaradière, l’odyssée and St-Denys Garneau. 

There are 2 committees that Benoit is organizing with the students. First, the animation committee. Benoit and some students will go to primary classes to do animations. They haven’t met yet but the students will probably have to choose between conflict resolution or the use of social networks. He also organizes the solidarity committee, these are students who want to find causes to help people who are in need. 

Benoit also organizes several volunteer activities with students, which should arrive in the next few weeks. The first activity is thrift stores. They go to untangle clothes but also to reclassify them. Then there is the activity with the elderly. They will just play bingo to hang out with them and keep them company.

In May, Benoit also organizes the shaved head challenge. It’s going to be in the hall on May 2 at dinner. Registration will begin when returning from spring break, it will be online. You can decide to cut just part of your hair or your whole head. All donations will go to Leucan. 

Finally, the food counter. This is an activity where they will sort out food donations and possibly cook.