Culture Week


Saloua Ouahi, Photograph, Journalist

In mid-January, La Camaradière offered different activities for the cultural week; the celebration ended with a beautiful parade highlighting the different cultural heritage of our students.

Besides showing cultures from around the world, the point of those events is to recognize each individual that struggles with not being from here. Being a foreigner can be challenging, especially when you are a teenager. Growing up in a different country than your own can make you forget about your culture or even makes you wish that you weren’t an immigrant.

From January 16th to the 20th, Monday to Friday, the student of the La Camaradière could participate in various cultural activities that presented traditions from across the globe. On Monday, students could get a henna tattoo on their hands. Henna is a natural dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia internet and has been used for cosmetic purposes for over 5000 years in Pakistan, Africa, and the Middle East.

On Tuesday, the class of francization organized a rally in the school. They created posters that they displayed in the halls with questions on them. The winners could get a gift card from Les Galeries De La Capitale. On Wednesday, two musicians played folk songs from Quebec, and a woman showed jig dance. Spoons were handed to students so they could participate in the activity.

On Thursday, Latino musicians played different Spanish songs. ” I loved the vibe created when the songs played,” said Danna. Finally, on Friday was the parade. Students from different countries that wanted to participate had to sign up and choose a music that represented their culture. Twelve countries joined, including Canada.

“At first, when I heard there was going to be a parade, I didn’t know what to expect or if I wanted to go, but then my friends convinced me to go by saying that it be a great opportunity to show or clothes. Now I don’t regret going, and I think I would have had remorses because, in my opinion, that was the best event of all the school year,” said Malek.

When the name of a country was called, the students either walked or danced to the music they chose, showing their beautiful clothes. To close the event, traditional Quebec music played while all the students were invited to join the stage to dance. All the music of the different countries then played. Meanwhile, students did a circle of dance and hyped each other.

The atmosphere of joy later filled the hall of the school and united everyone because, for an instant, the culture of each person was recognized to its true worth. That day was a day to celebrate and put under the spotlight the minority, whether they were immigrants or born here. Memories were created, and maybe a new tradition of the school.

Students during the cultural week