Valcartier activity day


Isa-Ève St-Martin, Journalist, promotion

On February 22, 2023, the school prepared an activity day for the students.

For Valcartier, we left the school at 9:30; there were six buses to transport all students to the destination. 

The temperature was perfect because it was not too cold or hot for a winter day. When the people were sliding, they were not cold. It was not a snowy day, so people didn’t need ski goggles.

Along the line, there were a few issues; the Tornado and the Rafting had really long waiting lines. One could wait as much as 40 minutes before hitting the slope. Lyvia Corriveau said, ” The waiting line was too long, we could have done other slides while waiting.”

There were also security problems. On multiple occasions, the operators of security gates dropped them on the head of participants. All the supervisors told the students to be careful. Not many listened, so at least 20 received a blow to the head. The gates are red and easy to see, but it’s like no one saw them.

A lot of people were disappointed because the Himalaya and the Everest were closed. Later someone said that it would open a 2 o’clock. by 1:45, there was a big group of people that were waiting. Luckily they could catch a few rides on those two popular structures before leaving.