Pyjamas At School

March 3, 2023


In the three weeks preceding Christmas break, high schools had noticed that many students arrived in pyjamas at school.

 The parents of the secondary school Charles-Gravel Chicoutimi-Nord received a message from the school saying that wearing pyjamas at school is reserved for theme days. Some schools have also written a message to parents about this and if the students arrive at school in pyjamas, they will be forced to change their pants or the parents have to come and bring other pants for their child. 

Some teachers in other schools accept that the students are in pyjamas but others think that it can affect the student’s learning and distract them. 

The rules about the pyjamas are different for every school. The schools that don’t have this problem are private schools because they wear uniforms so they can’t go to school in their own clothes. Some schools have considered introducing a stricter dress code and maybe introducing uniforms. 

Questions were asked to teachers and other people and the most said: “School is for education and they should dress appropriately for school and it’s more appropriate not to come with your sleepwear.” This is the opinion of certain people but they all have different opinions and if students were asked about this, they would probably say something different. 

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