The Spring Ball


Marilou Delisle and Sofia Cadario

Wednesday was the day of the spring ball at La Camaradière.

Students dressed up for the occasion and invaded Salle Guy Bédard as soon as the lunch bell rang.  A DJ came to liven up the event. He put on music of all tastes, such as The Weekend, Talk, and Travis Scott’s music.

The secondary five students were dancing and singing all together. Ève Moreau, one of the people at the event, said, ” The atmosphere was nice, the lights gave a party atmosphere, and everyone was dancing together and going to take pictures with their friends to keep beautiful memories of this ball. It was very fun.”

There were two photographers from the Camaradiant to take pictures of the students. People were posing and taking funny pictures. They were laughing and smiling all dinner long while they paraded in front of the camera.

Here are the links for the pictures taken at the ball.