Futsal Tournament


Marko Milosevic, Journalist/Editor

During the whole week of March 19, an indoor soccer tournament where the students competed against each other shoulder to shoulder.

Jérôme Lévesque, manager of extracurricular and interscholastic sports at La Camaradière, organized a futsal tournament which was surprising for the students that haven’t seen any soccer event for a few years in this institution. Within a day, the high schoolers signed up for the tournament with all their team set up and the urge to win this competition. The teams were made up of people of all ages, but mostly youngsters with hidden potential. There were four games of 15 minutes each during the lunch break. The students grabbed their popcorn with them, and the show was ready to begin.

On Monday, the first match began, and students came in one after the other, packing up the whole gym. As the battle went on, players were running around and scoring goals. The tournament continued, and the athletes gave everything until the end of lunchtime. Day by day, the teams competed. For some, the war was soon over, but for others, there was still a chance to win. Once a team was disqualified, they immediately cheered for their friends.

The big day had finally arrived, and the team packed of secondary 5 faced an all-experienced players squad. The match went on, a few minutes passed, and the secondary 5 got the first goal of the final. Later, the other team replied with another goal scored by Achref, who has been playing for Phénix des Rivières (a soccer club) from a young age. All the supporters shouted “MVP, MVP, MVP,” which means Most Valuable Player. Unfortunately, right after the chant, Achref had to take a break because he was playing since the begining, and he was out of breath. With two minutes left on the clock, the intensity was at its peak. The olders managed to score the last goal of the game with 30 seconds left, meaning they only had to defend, and the victory was in their hands. The secondary 5 had finally won this war with a score of 2-1. Everyone was enjoying the moment, people were jumping everywhere and screaming of joy. Joseph-André Carreno Ortiz also said, “this day will be remembered at la Camaradière.”