Dance Competition of Shaïma Kamis


Victoria Paquet, Journalist, promotion

Shaïma Kamis, one of the students at La Camaradière, is about to see one of her biggest dreams come true, she will compete against the world’s elite dancers.

Last November, Badcrew took part in the World Of Dance competition in Boston and won first place with a score of 97, which is very high. “Although we expected to be in the top three, being first is such a good feeling,” said Shaima. Their victory will lead them to participate in the finals of World Of Dance, which includes a total of 55 countries and will take place in Los Angeles, California.

One of their dancers is Shaïma Kamis, a popular 14 years old girl at the La Camaradière High School who is also a really good dancer at the Studio Party Time, where they do a lot of hip-hop or contemporary. “I really love dance. It’s my passion,” said Shaima Kamis.

This girl started to dance at the age of four, so it’s been 10 years now that this sport is hers. She is part of the Badcrew troupe, which is coached by Kassandra Boivin-Cénélia. She is also an excellent dancer and animates the showcase of the Hit the Floor competition.

They have practiced a lot since they heard the news, many hours a month. “Me and my team were shocked when we heard the news. I can’t wait till this summer,” said Émy Tran-Lessard, a very good dance friend of Shaïma.

In order to finance this trip, every Saturday and Sunday morning Badcrew members sell coffee to the parents of the kids that are having dance class at the studio. They can also finance the trip on their own.