Pyjama Day at School


Sofia Cadario and

On April 6, people at la Camaradière had a special pyjama day at school.

The school decided to announce a pyjama day on April 6. A lot of boys and girls were in pjs, and they looked very happy to come in their most comfortable outfits because, normally, it is forbidden. Mathilde Gingras, one of the students, said, ” I think that it is really fun to have a pyjama day at school. The decision of the school was a pretty good initiative.”

At dinner time, two journalists of the Camaradiant took some pictures of the students posing to take funny pictures of them in their night outfits.

Recently, pyjamas at school have been a huge problem; some students, mostly girls, were coming to school wearing them. At a certain point, the teachers didn’t even know what to do to stop this trend because it was not an appropriate outfit to come to school with; however, the rules about such outfits were a bit confusing.

Here’s the link to the pictures: pictures