“Le Choc Des Titans”


Félix Moisan, Journalist, editor

The improvisation match took place on April 2, and it opposed the teachers and the students. Although it was a tie, it made for a very exciting lunchtime.

The improv match occurred in the Salle Guy Bédard, which has a maximum capacity of 302 and was well overpacked. Some students even sat on the floor to attend the match. With this many people, the ambiance was great, and people filled the room with laughter. Everybody was enjoying themselves.

The format included two different game modes: the mix, where people from both teams share the stage simultaneously. In this category, the games taxi and drive-thru were presented. The competition also included compared matches where one group after the other offered their vision of a particular subject. The game “What is liberty?” is found in this category.

This match was full of great performances from both teams, but three stood out to the public. The imitation where Samuel White, a member of the teachers’ group, incarnated a 16-year-old girl. This imitation won him the match’s star by a landslide.”His performance was outstanding; I laughed so much, I was crying,” said Jean-Sébastien Gagnon, a teacher that partook in the match.

Liam Piché also deserved a standing ovation for his incarnation of a carriage driver. He was great at coming up with clever and funny ideas that always provoked laughter in the audience. One could argue he deserved the other star of the match.

Lastly, Jack Gautier could have easily gone out of there with an award for his clever imitation of a teacher, using everything to his advantage, including his team jacket to create hair. That was a great example of creativity shown by the players.

Although the referee called a tie, most agreed that the teachers deserved the win over the students ” I think the teachers gave a slightly better performance, but overall, it was a friendly match, so it makes sense the referee called a tie,” reported a student. The teacher’s team was led by Maude Dumas-Bonneau, an active improvisation member, and Geneviève Maheux, who had played for 15 years back when she was still studying, so it is with no surprise that they were victorious that day. Maybe the fact that it is not often that teachers are seen goofing around might have made their act funnier.